Deviation risks –
cover for deviations because of late or injured armed guards

The maritime traffic in the Gulf of Aden has become much more secure due to the private security enterprises and military organizations. Many believe in the rule of thumb that a vessels with armed guards on board have not been successfully hijacked. War as well as Kidnap and Ransom Insurers offer considerable discounts for transit premiums if armed guards are on board. At the same time, ship owners have to face new risks – an injury or an illness of armed security forces can result not only in a significant decrease of the safety provided for the crew, but also cause difficulties for a ship-owner as insurers often offer insurance coverage provided that a certain number of Armed Guards is on board.

Under certain circumstances it can be unavoidable to sail to an emergency port and take fatally wounded persons ashore. Replacement must be found, additional costs for the deviation from the original route, port demurrage and bunker costs are to be borne by the ship owner.

Deviation Protect covers all these expenses and provides the policyholder with a hand-out for cases of a deviation. In this way the client is informed which ports offer the best standards of medical care and the policyholder gains from coverage, before the actual incident occurs.