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Crises caused by natural catastrophes, terrorism, violence, war and many more are no longer rare occurrences and affect a number of companies and diverse groups of people. Not merely international companies, which employ staff in unstable territories are at risk. Small and large scale events, regularly frequented venues and even supposedly safe regions can become the scene for severe disasters or crime.

HK Crisis Protect (CP) – Your Personal Crisis Protection helps your company and its employees to professionally deal with these difficult and chaotic situations in order to avert further financial damage, psychological consequences and physical harm.

The crisis manager and the network of psychologists assure a professional support to the insured company; in emergency cases the employees will be evacuated and provided with psychological support. Moreover PR consultants will assist you to protect the reputation of your company in a crisis situation. In addition CP coveres financial consequences for companies facing a crisis situation, among others these include continued pay of salaries, travel and accommodation expenses, cost of medical cures and rehabilitation.