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R+V new partner for Kidnap and Ransom business

Hansekuranz started a new chapter on January 1st 2017.

Alongside R+V Versicherung and their subsidiary KRAVAG-LOGISTIK Versicherungs- AG the Kidnap and Ransom specialist from Münster is prepared to stir up the German market once again. “First and foremost we expect R+V to be a strong sales partner in our domestic market,“ explains Managing Partner Peter Bensmann.
In addition to its broker network, its affiliated partners, such as Volks- und Raiffeisen banks as well as major customers will be a central aspect of the cooperation. For broker distribution emphasis will be placed on major in-house insurance brokers with long-standing business relationships. Hansekuranz will train the sales division in concentrated training events and offer on-site support for client meetings. The newly-formed team of senior underwriters, Raimund Langemeyer, Benjamin Kirchhoff and Hinrik Wauer, as well as Managing Director Peter Bensmann, are ready to get started.
As usual in Hansekuranz Kontor’s cooperations, Toribos GmbH continues to be the preferred crisis management partner. Contract administration is fully provided by Hansekuranz Kontor, so customers will benefit from established structures.
"With R + V and KRAVAG we are once again able to expand our distribution channels nationally. We hope for an increase in the frequency of inquiries and an increase in support for broad-based distribution, "Peter Bensmann points out unambiguously. "On the one hand, R + V is already well-connected with large-scale customers via Volks- und Raiffeisen banks, and on the other hand it has established very successful broker network. In addition, the affiliates and close relations to in-house insurance brokers offer a larger market access we would like to benefit from together, "continues Bensmann.
Hansekuranz Kontor is thus well-equipped for the German market and is pleased to share its profitable experience with the new partner.

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