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Pirate to stand trial in Germany

Somali pirate arrested in Germany to stand trial

On Wednesday 05 June 2019 the trial against a Somali pirate started before the regional court of Dortmund. 41-year-old Mohammed S. has to answer to the judges. He is accused of having played an active role in the abduction of a 26-member crew in 2012.

Together with approx. 50 accomplices, the Somali-born man set sail to capture a tanker loaded with 135,000 litres of crude oil called "MT Smyrni" off the coast of Oman. Mohammed S. held the hostages for ten months to extort a ransom. The ship, flying the Greek flag, was released after the shipping company handed over the demanded ransom of 13 million dollars to the pirates. A helicopter had dropped the ransom over the ship.

In 2014, the Somali pirate came to Germany as a refugee. His application for asylum has so far been unsuccessful, and Mohammed S. filed a complaint. Most recently, he lived in an accommodation in Hamm. His connection with the caper trip from 2012 was uncovered by chance. One of two accomplices accused in Zweibrücken in 2018 for the same reason has led the investigators to the trail in Hamm. The two accomplices were identified by their fingerprints, which they had to hand in when entering Germany as part of their application for asylum. American investigators had secured the traces on the MT Smyrni after the release.

Source: Westfälische Nachrichten
Picture: Dortmund - Landgericht Dortmund byFred Romero (CC BY 2.0) (Picture was cropped and colors were adjusted)

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