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Piracy incidents

13.03.2017 // Gulf of Aden: For the frist time in years Somali pirates hijacked a vessel in the Gulf of Aden. Eight sri-lankian crew were kidnapped and released after a few days. It is not certain, if a ransom was paid. The Aris 13, a tanker under the flag of the Comoros and owned by a Greek shipping company, was hijacked on March 14 off the coast of Puntland. …

23.03.2017 // Sulu Sea: Pirates hijacked a tug boat off Sibago Island and kidnapped twp crew members, master and first engineer. The islamist militia Abu Sayyaf is responsible for the abduction.  The tug boat could proceed to the port of Zamboanga after the incident. Philippine armed forced were able to free at least one hostage, the master, a few days later. One Abu Sayyaf fighter was killed during the operation. The whereabouts of the first engineer are uncertain.

24.03.2017 // Gulf of Aden: A dhow was hijacked in the north of Eyl. The Asayr 2 was attacked by two skiffs. 14 of 21 crew were released later, the remaining seven are still held captive. This indicates a potential usage of the dhow as a mother ship for future attacks. Having the dhow under their control could enable the pirates to reach a larger area and thereby increase the risks for attacks significantly.

30.03.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: The IMB registered the hijacking of a bulk carrier off Bonny Island, Nigeria. Four attackers approached the vessel in one boat. Further reports expected.

01.04.2017 // Gulf of Aden: The Indian cargo vessel “Al Kausar” was attackedunderway from Bosasso to Dubai. According to reports the crew were taken ashore to Puntland. The vessel, however, was recently seen between Hobyo and El Hur. It is the third incident in two weeks after years of quiet.

03.04.2017 // Gulf of Aden: UKMTO reported a suspicious approach by six skiffs in the strait of Bab-El Mandeb. The skiffs were equipped with ladders and hooks. After the vessel raised alarm and armed guards took up position the suspicious skiffs left.

04.04.2017 // Gulf of Aden: The Pakistani vessel Salama 1 was the fourth ship been hijacked in the Gulf of Aden in less than three weeks. It is uncertain how many crew was onboard. Further reports expected.

09.04.2017 // Gulf of Aden: Somali pirates attacked and boarded a bulk carrier. Naval forces resolved the situation and escorted the vessel to a safe port.

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