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Piracy incidents May/June

17.05.2017 // Gulf of Aden: Particularly persistent pirates pursued a Merchant Vessel at position 14 41.25N 051 03.43E for about 30 minutes. A group of 7 skiffs with a maximum of 5 persons on board approached vessel and got as close as one nautical mile from both port and starboard quarters. Then stopped pursuit and vessel continued on its course.

17.05.2017 // Guld of Guinea: While underway armed pirates boarded a general cargo ship in Position 03°59.317'N 006°46.083'E off the Port Hartcourt coast. Six crew members were kidnapped and pirates escaped from the scene. Remaining crew continued its journey to Bonny anchorage – the Nigerian Navy investigating the case.

31.05.2017 // Gulf of Aden: A skiff manned with three armed pirates chased and fired upon a tanker on its course from Fujairah to Rabigh. Pirates carried a RPG. Alarm was raised and non-essential crew mustered citadel. Security started firing warning shots, resulting in the skiff aborting its attack. A second skiff then took over the pursuit. Upon sighting of the skiff UKMTO had been notified and two warships were reportedly proceeding to the area. No crew was injured and the tanker continued passage as planned.

01.06.2017 // Gulf of Aden: A merchant vessel was attacked in the Gulf of Oman at position 23°32.000'N 060°26.000'E. A skiff with six armed persons on board approached the tanker. Evasive maneuvers were conducted; non-relevant crew retreated to the citadel and armed guards started to fire warning shots, when pirates moved away. Reportedly a mother vessel was noted in the vicinity.

03.06.2017 // Gulf of Aden: Two piracy incidents were reported on this day and in close proximity to each other. In the first incident several skiffs with approximately four to five armed persons on board each skiff approached a merchant vessel in position 1257N 04306E. In total 9 skiffs were sighted, it remains unknown if all of them were collaborating. The vessel escaped but extreme caution is advised in the territory.

In a second event on the same day a vessel was approached and attacked by a skiff with 4 armed persons on board. The vessel was en route to Sikka at position 13° 02.48'N , 043° 06.91'E.

04.06.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: Five pirates, heavily armed with AK 47 rifles and Genereal-Purpose Machine Guns approached a tug vessel transiting through Cawthorne Chanel in West Bonny River. The pirates then boarded the tug boat and abducted the captain and chief engineer.

13.06.2017 // Gulf of Aden: Another vessel was attacked in the Bab-el-Mandeb – four similarly dark hulled skiffs (dark grey/blue hull) with reportedly 6-7 persons on board each vessel followed a Merchant Vessel for approximately 10 minutes starting from Position 12 56.49N 04312.17E. Armed Guards on boards presented weapons and pirates retreated.

16.06.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: A tug boat which was anchored around 19nm North-northwest of Pennington Terminal, Nigeria was approached by a speed boat with five men aboard. The master was on top of the situation and informed security forces in proximity. A vessel was dispatched to intercept pirates – once visual contact was possible the speed boat ended its approach and escaped.

25.06.2017 // Gulf of Aden: Somali pirates are increasingly focusing on the Bab-el-Mandeb but have not ventured as far north as in this attack during this year. Pirates in a dark-hulled skiff, allegedly with 8 persons aboard the vessel were sighted in Position 14 43.6N 042 05.6E. The persons were armed and approached the Merchant Vessel up to three cables. They then continued south and the vessel has been reported to be safe. Caution is advised in the area.

Sources: MariTrace

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