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Piracy incidents in November and December

08.11.2017 // Gulf of Aden: In the vicinity of Mayyun Island a motor vessel was reportedly approached by 2 skiffs with 7 POB. The skiffs came as close as 100 m, afterwards the boats withdrew.

10.11.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: 5 to 6 armed personnel in a blue hulled boat, 5 to 6 Meters in length, were reported attempting to board a vessel at the IVO Pennington Terminal, Nigeria.

11.11.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: Armed pirates boarded a drifting bulk carrier. When entering the bridge shots were fired damaging the vessel. The pirates stole ship's properties and personal belongings. The attackers kidnapped 10 crew and escaped in their boat. Two Nigerian navy vessels intercepted, rescued the crew and apprehended five pirates. The ship was escorted into the inner anchorage under naval escort and armed guards were placed onboard during the vessels stay. On 12 Nov 2017, the ship resumed passage under naval escort to Port Harcourt and berthed.

16.11.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: A Merchant Ship was under attack. Pirates boarded the vessel and the crew retreated to the citadel. When the Nigerian At 14:30 local time the Navy boarded the Bulk Carrier and all pirates had left. The vessel is now under control of the Crew. It is unknown at this time if any crew were injured during the attack.

16.11.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: A speed boat with seven pirates on board chased a tanker underway. As the boat came as close as 300 meters the crew noticed a long ladder. Alarm was raised, the master increased speed and commenced evasive maneuvers while the crew mustered in a safe place. After chasing the tanker for a while the boat stopped its approach and then once again attempted to close to the ship to board. Due to the hardening measures employed by the tanker the boat aborted and moved away.

17.11.2017 // Gulf of Aden: A vessel off the Somali coast reported that one skiff with four POB equipped with weapons approached the vessel at speed. The skiff came as close as 1.6 NM but subsequently withdrew.

18.11.2017 // Gulf of Aden: A fishing vessel was approached by a skiff with four armed POB off the coast of Somalia. When AST fired warning shots the pirates withdrew.

19.11.2017 // Gulf of Aden: A vessel reported the sighting of a skiff with a ladder on board close to IRTC Point B. The skiff approached the vessel to one NM. The vessel increased speed and is safe.

21.11.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: A merchant vessel observed two small boats approaching closely. The attackers attempted to board the vessel using hooked ropes. Patrol boat was informed and subsequently disturbed the boarding attempt. The attackers escaped.

21.11.2017 // Gulf of Aden: Armed persons in a speed boat chased and fired upon a product tanker underway near al-Mukalla. Alarm was raised, speed increased and evasive maneuvers commenced. All non-essential crew mustered in the engine room. Due to the hardening measures and the presence of the AST the boarding was averted. All crew are safe.

22.11.2017 // Gulf of Aden: A Vessel was approached by five skiffs, which carried out dangerous manoeuvers in close proximity, 100 miles east of Fujairah. It is reported that an attempted boarding failed and weapons were discharged at the vessel.

22.11.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: A merchant vessel was being followed for about two hours by one skiff with three POB. The skiff came as close as 0.5 cables. The Vessel and crew stayed safe.

01.12.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: A merchant vessel has been attacked and boarded by pirates about 60 NM SSW of Bonny Island. The Nigerian Navy has been notified. Further information needed.

07.12.2017 // Gulf of Aden: A Vessel reported being attacked by two armed skiffs around 20 NM SW of Hoderidah, Yemen.

08.12.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: A merchant vessel has been attacked by pirates. The Nigerian Navy escorted the vessel to Port Harcourt.

14.12.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: Another vessel was attacked and boarded by pirates around 32 NM south of Brass, Nigeria. Later that day, another master reported that their vessel had been chased by a small wooden boat with a powerful engine.

Sources: IMB, MariTrace

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