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Piracy incidents August/September

11.08.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: On the night of the 11th of August, a tug boat was attacked about one nautical mile north-east of Ogbotobo. Five to seven pirates entered the boat and kidnapped the captain and two crew members. All three are still missing.

18.08.2017 // Gulf of Aden: Several skiffs with five to six pirates on board each approached a merchant vessel at Bab-el Mandeb. The crew sighted, among other things, ladders. After the armed security personnel opened fire, the skiff turned away.

19.08.2017 // Gulf of Aden: A similar incident occurred a day later a little further north in the Red Sea. This time, three skiffs, each with five attackers, approached a merchant ship. Ladders were sighted again. At the sight of the security personnel’s weaponry the pirates turned away again.

19.08.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: During the night of August 19, a guard post noticed a floating object near the bow. After an Armed Guard had issued warning shots, an attacker was sighted jumping overboard. Thereupon an alarm was triggered and the crew withdrew into the citadel. In the meantime, the guards checked the deck. Afterwards the whole crew searched the ship. Another attacker was discovered and later handed over to the authorities. During the incident the attackers had been able to steal small amounts of oil.

19.08.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: In the morning of the same day eight skiffs have approached another ship. Further information on the incident is not available.

28.08.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: In addition to civilian vessels, a joint task force ship has also been attacked. Putative insurgents overpowered the soldiers and took their weapons, then kidnapped them to the Niger Delta. There, four soldiers and a civilian were executed.

28.08.2017 // Gulf of Aden: Another vessel has reported potential attackers at Bab-El Mandeb. 20 to 25 attackers in four skiffs, equipped with ladders, have accordingly approached a merchant ship up to about 0.8 nautical miles in the morning hours. After the guards showed weapons, the pirates turned off.

06.09.2017 / South China Sea: 13 pirates armed with knives and guns have boarded a product tanker. The attackers forced the crew to fill a million liters of diesel into their mother ship. The crew could, however, trigger alarm, so Malaysian special forces intervened by helicopter. Local fisher had also reported the attack. While three pirates escaped, ten attackers were arrested. The attacked vessel and the mother ship were subsequently escorted the port of Kuala Terergganu. The mastermind of the attack was caught.

18.09.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: In the late evening, four speedboats attacked a merchant vessel near Parrot Island, Calabar, Nigeria and attempted to kidnap five crewmembers. More information is to follow.

24.09.2017 // Mediterranean Sea: 42nm East-northeast off Derna, Libya a speedboat approached and opened fire on the bulk carrier using guns and rockets. The vessel has reported as being safe and has continued her passage to Alexandria.

26.09.2017 // Gulf of Aden: Between Bab el Mandeb and IRTC Point A, a Merchant Vessel reported sighting five skiffs with four POB. One skiff came within one cable. After Armed Guards showed weapons the skiff changed direction.

Sources: IMB, MariTrace

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