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Piracy attacks April/May

14.04.2017 // Gulf of Aden: The Gulf of Aden witnesses an increased number of attacks. One vessel was attacked by six to seven armed pirates. Pirates fired shots and tried board the vessel several times. After their attempts failed the pirates left the area.

15.04.2017 // Gulf of Aden: The product tanker “Alheera” was attacked by approximately five pirates on a skiff 65 sea miles south of Balhaf, Yemen. The crew made an emergency call in response of which a helicopter was deployed by the Chinese Navy. The pirates fled and “Alheera” was able to resume the planned route.

19.04.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: South of Brass, Nigeria a tug boat was attacked and boarded by pirates. Eight crew members were kidnapped. One person was injured but could be evacuated.

19.04.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: A further attack occurred approximately 60 sea miles south-west of Brass, Nigeria. An escorted tanker was attacked by nine pirates. The captain immediately informed the escorting safety boat as well as the Nigerian Navy, the pirates aborted their attack in turn.

24.04.2017 // Gulf of Aden: Six armed pirates attacked the tanker “Costina” on its way to Mogadishu. Pirates chased the vessel for approximately two hours and in the meantime they were repeatedly firing shots. The crew signaled an emergency in response to which the Spanish Navy deployed a helicopter. Attempts to localize the fleeing pirates failed. One crew member was injured during the attack.

29.04.2017 // Gulf of Guinea: The IMB reports a potential mother vessel south of Bonny, Nigeria. The mentioned vessel appears to be a 60 to 80 meter long supply vessel.

01.05.2017 // Gulf of Aden: Pirates attacked a vessel with five skiffs and made attempts to board her. After armed guards had fired several warning shots, the pirates aborted their attack. The vessel and her crew are safe.

07.05.2017 // Gulf of Oman: UKMTO obtained information regarding an attack in close proximity to the coast of Iran. No further details available.

Sources: IMB, Maritime Herald

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