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Munich Re increases its stake in Hansekuranz Kontor

Further growth by investment and innovation.

Hansekuranz Kontor (HK) looks back on the 2018 financial year with satisfaction and is well-positioned for the coming years. "In 2018 we grew by more than 20% overall, which is well above the market average and shows that there is further potential for growth, especially on international markets and by developing new, innovative products," says Peter Bensmann, managing partner of Hansekuranz Kontor in Münster.  The world's largest reinsurer Munich Re is a majority shareholder in the Münster-based underwriting agent for special risks since the beginning of 2017.

Munich Re recently increased its strategic stake in Hansekuranz Kontor GmbH (HK) significantly. In addition to Munich Re, the other current shareholders, Peter Bensmann and Ulrich Rüther, continue to hold stakes in the company. With the new shareholder structure, the further expansion of the German industrial business as well as the international expansion, i.e. the development of new solutions for the traditional clientele and for the new customers of Hansekuranz Kontors will be sustainably secured and financed.

"Munich Re perceives K&R/Crisis Management as an attractive niche market in which we are very well positioned with Hansekuranz Kontor. By increasing our stake in Hansekuranz Kontor, we intend to exploit further innovation and growth potential and substantiate our strategic commitment in this segment," confirms Thomas Lallinger, Chief Executive Financial & Entrepreneurial Risks, Munich Re.

HK's management will be strengthened by a second managing director. Going forward, Markus Große Daldrup will be responsible for internal management, finance and processes, while managing partner Peter Bensmann’s focus particular focus will beon sales, client management, broker support and product development.

Together with Benjamin Kirchhoff and Raimund Langemeyer, authorized signatories of Hansekuranz Kontor, the managing directors form the company's management board.

"I am very pleased that I can support Hansekuranz Kontor even more intensively as Managing Director," says Markus Große Daldrup.

The HK team is pleased with the positive development and feels well prepared for the future tasks.

Picture: Munich City Schwabing - Walking Man by Birol Aydilek (CC BY 2.0) [Picture was cropped]

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