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German scientists abducted in Nigeria

Two German archeologists were taken hostage in Nigeria in late February. The scientists of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main were accompanied by two colleagues, researching sites of ancient terracotta figures in the north of Nigeria.

Three days later both hostages were set free, physically unharmed. It is not known if a ransom was paid, reports claim that a demand of 180.000 Euros was made.

According to reports the team was offered protection by armed forces, which they refused. Instead they preferred the company of local residents, despite being fully-aware of Nigerias history of foreigner abduction. Two of their companions were shot dead when they tried to pursue the abductors into the bushes.

The case reveals once again how important thorough preparation for travels in insecure regions is. Especially security measures should have highest priority, though this often comes with some inconveniences and additional expenses.

Sources: Zeit, FAZ

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