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For travelers: Göttfried in Linz

In the insurance industry it is still common to meet for lunch or dinner. But let’s be honest, it is not easy to choose a suitable place in a foreign city or environment. Of course there are websites like Tripadvisor, but still, do you always get what you were looking for?

For those reasons, we will establish a new column on our blog and present you locations we consider very recommendable. We had the initial idea in Linz, Austria when we stayed at “Göttfried”. In the center of the historic district Simone and Christian created a place of purity and culinary art. Classic Austrian dishes modernly interpreted completed by a selection of finest wines are a culinary delight for every guest. We especially recommend the Roter Veltliner! Attentive but never intrusive is the description that fits the service best.

For those who also look for accommodation the house offers tastefully furnished rooms in a quiet environment. The name “Göttfried essen trinken schlafen” in English “Göttfried eat drink sleep” keeps its promise.

Many thanks to Simone and Christian for a wonderful stay!


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