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Crew members kidnapped off vessel

Six crew members were kidnapped during an attack on the container vessel "Demeter" of the German shipping company Peter Döhle, which was flying the Liberian flag.

The Demeter was attacked by eight pirates in a speedboat on Saturday morning shortly before entering the Nigerian port of Onne. A total of 18 crew members were on board at that time. Six of them were kidnapped. These are said to be the captain, the chief and second officers, the second engineer, the cook and the bosun. The nationalities of the kidnappers were not revealed for their safety. The shipping company announced that the other twelve seafarers were doing well considering the circumstances, and that they were able to sail the Demeter into port after the attack.

What exactly happened on board the Demeter remains unknown. The incident once again shows the risks of the Gulf of Guinea, especially off the Nigerian coast. The main problem here is that the use of armed security personnel is prohibited by law. Hence, other preventive security measures must be planned and implemented more precisely.

Further warnings for the Mediterranean and Asia

In addition to the West African region, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has also issued explicit warnings for the Libyan coast and the Sulu Sea. Off Libya, ships had already been boarded several times this year, often under the pretext that it was a coastal guard's control. In two cases, the crew was taken ashore.

Additionally, the IMB has issued warnings that Abu Sayyaf is planning attacks in areas south of the Philippines, particularly on Korean nationals. However, it cannot be ruled out that other nationalities could also come into focus of the militia. According to the intelligence, the group has already equipped a blue Jungkong speedboat with three engines to carry out its attacks. All suspicious activities should be reported to the IMB and local authorities.

Sources: IMB, Hansa International Maritime Journal, TradeWinds

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