Company –

Established in October 2009, Hansekuranz Kontor begins its business activities on the January 1st 2010. The core of the team has remained intact since the company’s foundation.

As CEO and a founder, Peter Bensmann leads the managing general agent (MGA). Benjamin Kirchhoff and Raimund Langemeyer as authorized officers of the company are his supporting pillars.

2010 – We started as an MGA focused on industrial business within Germany.

2011 – Only a year later piracy off the Horn of Africa started to escalate. In a difficult market situation we recognized a need for a holistic product in the marine Kidnap and Ransom market and adapted the insurance to shipowner’s needs. Within two years we establish the company as the market leader for marine K&R insurance in Germany.

2013 – We acted from a position of strength, were able to gain new partners and started to distribute our insurance products internationally. We found local insurers in the target markets to offer an advantage over our competitors with our know-how and local jurisdiction and law.

This expansion is still ongoing. In the meantime we offer our policies on English law and jurisdiction, which enables us to act globally, alongside our specific local solutions.

Since 2014 – we have been working on product innovations for ship owners and industry. Together with Loss Adjusters and shipping companies we worked out Cargo Contribution Protect to secure liquidity of ship owners in case of a general average. This product has been placed on the market mid-2016 and enjoys great interest.

Moreover, our new product Crisis Protect started in the third quarter of 2016. Crisis Protect provides cover for crisis situations such as natural disasters, attacks, crimes and catastrophes all over the world. Assured is the provision of a professional crisis manager and the establishment of a crisis unit as well as psychologic care for affected individuals.

2016 – Thusly positioned Hansekuranz Kontor is optimistic about the future and is developing from the market leader in its niche into a broad-based MGA specialized in hazards that existentially threaten companies.

2019 - Munich Re has significantly increased its strategic shareholding in Hansekuranz Kontor, thus enabling it to expand its German industrial business and its international expansion, i.e. to develop new solutions for its established client base and for new clients of Hansekuranz Kontor.

Furthermore, the management of Hansekuranz Kontor will be strengthened by a second managing director. Markus Große Daldrup is now responsible for internal management, finances, and processes, while managing partner Peter Bensmann will focus especially on sales, customer and broker support, and product development.