Company –

Managing Partner

Peter Bensmann

Peter founded Hansekuranz Kontor in 2009 and still leads the company as Managing Partner. Taught in the ancient art of ripening bananas Peter is active in the K&R insurance sector for over 20 years. He does not only root for his HK Team, but also supports his club Borussia Dortmund (BVB) wholeheartedly.

Managing Director

Markus Große Daldrup

Markus has been a part-time managing director at Hansekuranz Kontor since 2019, so to speak. His main job is Senior Underwriter for Special Risk and Contingency Products at our corporate parent in Munich. The trained insurance salesman originally hails from Havixbeck in the Münsterland region and is hence one of us by birthright. What unites our two managing directors is their passion for the football club Borussia Dortmund.

Senior Underwriter

Raimund Langemeyer

Our sea freight forwarder and Bachelor Professional of Transport Management and Operations (CCI) was initially responsible for the development of our marine K&R product along with our sales team. He forms part of our team since the company’s foundation and became an authorized officer in 2012. While his focused used to be Sales he now forms part of our underwriting team. The Rhineland-born Underwriter spends his weekends sailing on his boat or skiing in his second home Bavaria.

Senior Underwriter

Benjamin Kirchhoff

Benjamin, who is likewise one of the three founding members of Hansekuranz Kontor, has been with the Underwriting team from the very start. The fervent FC Köln supporter became an authorized officer in 2012. In his leisure time he works adamantly to improve his Handicap or can be found on one of the many football pitches surrounding Münster.

Senior Underwriter

Hinrik Wauer

Hinrik holds a Master’s degree in International Politics, he graduated from Maastricht University with a Bachelor’s, while spending half a year in the USA and went on to complete his postgraduate studies at the University of Warwick. In 2012 Hinrik started in the Sales Team of Hansekuranz Kontor. Since 2014 he forms part of our Underwriting and is mainly responsible for writing risks and product development. In his free time the Berliner-by-choice enjoys music and festivals, if he is not on one of his travels.


Christoph Windau

Trained in wholesale and foreign trade, Christoph completed his Bachelors Professional of Business (CCI) in 2016. Active for Hansekuranz Kontor since 2011, he is responsible for transit underwriting and monitoring. As a member of the volunteer fire brigade and rifle association he is thoroughly rooted in his community. Since this year he is also proud owner of his game licence.

Junior Underwriter

Marc Löbbert

Marc joined Hansekuranz Kontor in 2013 – after the completion of this vocational training he became a Junior Underwriter in February 2016 and supports our Back Office. His main tasks are the documentation of all contracts and single transit underwriting. Marc does not only like a clean desk, but also tries his best to keep a clean sheet as a goalkeeper for his club Portu Münster.

Junior Underwriter

Eveline Rehfeldt

Eveline is our most recent addition to the team and has joined us in 2016. The economist and philologist supports our Back Office with her multilingual expertise. She is fluent in English, German and Russian and also speaks French. As a proper “Münsteranerin” she cycles to work each day.

Student Underwriting Asst.

Carina Kurella

Carina finished her vocational training at Hansekuranz Kontor in 2016. After the completion of her studies she remained with our team as a working student and dedicates herself to the law at University of Münster. Among many projects she is responsible for our Blog, this Homepage and PR. She is a passionate supporter of the European sport “Handball” and in the winter she teaches young and old how to downhill in the Alps.

Senior Accountant

Rüdiger Batenhorst

When it comes to finances, Rüdiger is our first man since 2019. As accountant he keeps our books clean and has been convincing from the very start. Otherwise, there is no reasonable explanation for the fact that two BVB enthusiastic managing directors employ a Schalke fan. Rüdiger previously had management responsibility in the finance department of various companies. His favourite numbers: 19 and 04.


Astrid Sander

Astrid is our numbers geek since 2012. The business administrator and European commercial Assistant is our Controller with all her heart and soul. If she needs time off, she likes to take her speedboat for a ride down the Dortmund-Ems-Channel.

Executive Assistant

Evi Eckert

Born in South Tyrol, Evi is part of Hansekuranz’s founding team. After one year of absence she re-joined our team in January 2017 as executive assistant. She is the team’s good soul and livens up the joint whilst keeping everything else in order. In her free time she enjoys traveling, good food and is a passionate athlete.